Testimonials for Clare Hanbury

"Compassionate, gentle and humorous. Clare is a brilliant therapist who works with great humility, insight, and effectiveness. She radiates beautiful healing energy and is adaptive in her approach. Clare constantly holds space for my process, is supportive and meets me where I am at in my healing journey."


"Clare was easy and pleasant to work with and I found myself talking A LOT, spouting random events. I remember feeling a bit embarrassed by my chattiness, and Clare explained that none of it was random to the brain and that it was pulling certain stories and events for a reason. She magically and gently wove the seemingly unrelated events into a common theme had become my default modus operandi. For me, it is very important to understand the “why”, and Clare was able to connect the dots in areas that I had had spent years working on. The EMDR treatment itself was very gentle in my opinion, yet the changes since starting the sessions have been profound. And in a relatively short time. Clare is a brilliant, gifted, compassionate and highly professional therapist. I have whole-heartedly recommended her to my friends and colleagues and will continue to do so."


Testimonials from new mums:

"Meeting Clare a month or so prior to my labour date was such a blessing.  She made me feel safe, more prepared and helped me approach my child's birth with love.  Learning to visualize meeting my baby through guided meditation helped me relax in the moment and I was able to take that imagery home with me and build on it.  I still seek out guided mediation sessions with Clare as it's a real treat and sanctuary time as a new mom."

- Anonymous

"Clare has been such a wonderful support to me as I am learning to navigate life as a new mother, and find my identity in this life changing role! She has listened without judgement, and provided me with perspective, guidance and direction in a caring, nurturing and respectful way. I look forward to my time with her, when I can slow down and acknowledge what I am feeling, while she holds and provides a space for me to reconnect, and feel more grounded. She has helped me to move forward, and onward with more confidence and positivity."

- Anonymous


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