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Energy Healing

We are all energy.  Our thoughts are energy, and they are powerful.  Energy healing sessions can empower us to become more aware, more aligned with ourselves and our inner being.  Day to day, this looks like having more confidence, self-trust, more satisfying relationships and the ability to know and use our inner compass.  

My goal is to bring to light your innate strengths and guide you on your way to self-empowerment and knowing.  

If you're excited about moving on, do reach out.  My goal is to guide and support people in living their Truth in this lifetime.

Ask Yourself:

Do I want to release and heal what doesn't serve me?

Am I ready to clear my limiting beliefs and replace them with what I do want?

Is now the time to live my highest potential in the highest and best vibration of who I can be on this planet?

Please note that energy sessions are not counselling. 

If you are in BC and need counselling, I can integrate ThetaHealing® and Energy as a holistic approach to therapy.  


Friday 22nd April, 2022 is Earth Day.  It can be hard to celebrate the Earth when we see so many destructive things going on.  What I am suggesting to my clients, is this: bring it home to your body.  Focus on your earth.  Meditate on how amazing your body is, keeping you alive, functioning, perhaps really well, too!  If there's one thing you can appreciate about your body, feel it, love it and expand that energy to Mother Earth beneath us.  Perhaps you will feel how much love she has to offer you in return.  She is constantly regenerating herself, just like our bodies do.  Let's bask in that wonder, that resilience, and connect.

Education & Background

After my Masters in Counselling, I did the 2-year Master Certification in Intuition Medicine® (MIM) program through the Academy of Intuition Medicine in Sausalito, California. ThetaHealing® is another tool I actively use in my energy work practice. It's a method which specifically focuses on beliefs that hold us back in our lives. Whether the origin of that belief is from this life or another, it can be cleared, and the trauma healed.

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