Energy Healing

We are all energy.  Your thoughts are energy, and they are powerful.  My energy healing sessions empower YOU to become more aware, more aligned with your Self, your inner being and confidence.  


My goal is to bring to light your innate strengths and guide you on your way to self-empowerment and knowing.

Much of how I work is based on the certification I received from the Academy of Intuition Medicine (2009).  I also integrate ThetaHealing which is a method in which I am facilitating healing from Source.  My first training in ThetaHealing began in 2019 and as of 2021, I continue to learn more!

Energy work sessions are not "counselling" sessions.  If you are in BC and need counselling, I do offer that alongside the energy work.  Please reach out and we can discuss what your needs are.


Online only


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