Feel what it's like to have the real-life support of a trained professional witnessing your growth and personal development, fostering the innate health your spirit has to offer in this world.

It can take a lot of courage to reach out when you're suffering. You can expect a non-judgmental and compassionate person to hear you and hold your story in confidence. Take the step to reach out and discover the different ways in which I can facilitate your transformation.


My skills come from a vast amount of training from over a decade of continued education. For example, I offer Touch Drawing (https://touchdrawing.com/touchdrawing) which is a calm way of expressing yourself through your hands. Guided mediations are typical at the end of my sessions to help integrate the work we do. Feel free to ask questions on the phone before we meet to see if we're a good fit. I'm also well connected in the community if you needed a different sort of support.

Thank you for reaching out - I wish you the best!

Outdoor Wedding Shoot


Learn how to become a better communicator, with yourself and your partner.  How can you be mindful in situations that trigger you?  How can you be compassionate to someone that drives you crazy?  Are you pro-creating with this person?  
Get help now!

Sleeping Newborn


Yes you have the medical side of things covered, but what about feeling in touch with your baby?  Or your partner getting a sense of who this growing miracle is?  Then there's after...  Changes in sleep, sex, time for yourself (WHAT?  Time for myself??)...  Get help now!

Man Looking Out to the Mountains


Whether you're anxious, depressed, in transition or going through a spiritual crisis, counselling can be effective in guiding you through, supporting you with practical tools and a general sense of someone who "gets it".  You don't have to do this alone.  Get help now!

Counselling with Clare