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"Spiritually guided life energy"

I am excited to now be offering reiki, having been initially attuned in 1998!

My more recent attunement in Kelowna (2023) has been a beautiful addition to the energy healing work I have been practicing for years.  It was a great reminder that my mind has to get out of the way of the healing and trust the process!  

Clients are fully clothed on a massage table.  Reiki can be offered with gentle hands-on, hands slightly off the body, or from a distance (which actually takes a shorter time).  Universal Life Energy flows through the body, reminding the body of its natural healthy way of being.  


Receiving a reiki session is a beautifully relaxing experience, where little dialogue is exchanged.  Clients report feeling better in all sorts of ways - physical as well as emotional, psychological and spiritual.

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