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Clare Hanbury, M.A.

Registered Clinical Counsellor, ThetaHealing®
& Intuition Medicine® Practitioner

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Welcome!  I'm a ThetaHealing® and Energy Work Practitioner with no borders.  Healing work can be done online or by the phone, and I offer this powerful work worldwide.

In British Columbia, I am also a Registered Clinical Counsellor; I practice psychotherapy via zoom. 

I bring education, life experience, intuition, presence, enthusiasm and humour to the healing journey.  My toolbox encompasses a wide variety of modalities, including somatic awareness, belief work, mindfulness practices, inner child work, art therapy and EMDR


I specifically use EMDR in my counselling practice for building resilience, adjusting beliefs, reducing anxiety, clearing trauma, and consciously creating a desired future.  For example, clearing childhood beliefs about oneself can have all sorts of incredible results, from having

more energy, to finding the right partner for oneself, or creating a more satisfying and

financially rewarding career.

Interested in these outcomes but don't live in BC?  These profound shifts can also be achieved with Energy Healing!  Contact me and we'll have a chat about what your needs are.

"Compassionate, gentle and humorous. Clare is a brilliant therapist who works with great humility, insight, and effectiveness. She radiates beautiful healing energy and is adaptive in her approach. Clare constantly holds space for my process, is supportive and meets me where I am at in my healing journey."


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