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Stories That Strengthen Us

We are living in unprecedented times.  Using my tools as a therapist and feeling the huge inspiration to write a story for children, I offer you this tonic: "Molly & Wilkins". 

I thought it was time for some positivity!


The slow tapping in of a good feeling (memory or imagined) on either side of our bodies (bilateral stimulation), helps to activate our resilience and strengthens our ability to cope with adversity. 


We need to be there for our children in every way possible right now, so connect with your own resilience and allow the strength you feel from the natural and/or spiritual world inform your self-talk, your spoken words and behaviours. 


I hope this story inspires you and gives you some hope that this new generation growing up today will make it through these challenging times, and even create positive change.  Perhaps our children are more connected to the wisdom and truth of the world than we think they are. 


Perhaps we need to start listening.

Molly & WilkinsClare Hanbury
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I've had some people say they can't hear this very well...  It's since been altered by a good techie friend of mine - but let me know if it isn't loud enough still please.  In that case, feel free to email me for a PDF version, too :)

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