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My practice mainly focuses on working with pregnant women, supporting them to connect with their babies. I also encourage partners to attend these prenatal bonding sessions.  I also counsel couples pre-conception; do you want a baby, can you conceive, if you're pregnant are you happy or confused?

Whether one can ever be fully prepared for the birth of a child is debatable. It is something we don’t learn in school, from books, our parents or elders. Perhaps it is a natural sense that our culture has masked, given all the demands we have from our busy lives.

I work on a psychological and emotional level to help you make space for your baby and facilitate a spiritual connection to your loved one. Prenatal bonding can have profound effects on the parent-child relationship.

This is a very real time for your family. Within the sacred space I create, I encourage candid talk about what to expect, your fears, hopes and regrets. These are brought to the surface to be worked through, so your family can move on more positively toward your future, and be more conscious about the process of bringing your new baby into the world.

I also hold space for unexpected discoveries about your baby, whether it be supporting parents through grief, difficult news, or fear of the unknown. My preference is to work collaboratively with your midwife, naturopath or doctor, and/or family. Sometimes you might want your process to be shared one on one in a confidential space. Either way my goal is to honour your needs as you navigate the miraculous, surprising, and challenging time of pregnancy.

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