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Nature Journaling Workshop

I am excited to be collaborating with Malin Christensson on Earth Day, to provide an opportunity for individuals to connect with nature, themselves, and community, in a safe, thoughtful, and FUN way.  

Sunday April 21st @ Bonnington Park

2pm - 4:30pm


This time, adults only...  but stay tuned for

other workshops with children!

Click here to register.

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Nature journaling can begin by simply listening to, watching, and/or observing nature, and recording your experience in your journal in the form of a mark, an image, a drawing, a word or even poem. 

You have creative license to express yourself!  

This workshop will encourage you to notice how you feel in nature, and give you the opportunity to share what comes up. 

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We will provide prompts along the way, creative ideas, and of course a safe and confidential space for people who want to share their process.

We hope you'll join us!

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