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How the Easter Bunny kept his job during COVID 19

There was once a moose who loved Easter.  Why did he love Easter, you might wonder, and why is this story starting with a moose?  I thought this was about the Easter Bunny…


Okay, so there was an Easter Bunny sitting on a rock in the sunshine, when along came a MOOSE!  (I’m sorry, I live in Canada and love moose, so have to start my story with one). 


The moose loved Easter because it meant that spring was finally springing up in Canada where he meandered, and that meant he would have lots of yummy leaves and buds to munch on, and cool water to drink.  It also meant that he’d also have to take care walking in the mud, as it did get rather sticky!  


There was another reason why the moose loved Easter, and this is why.  


Well, this year of 2020 was rather unusual, because the Easter bunny had to take precautions…. There was a virus going round, and he had a tickle in his throat.  He certainly didn’t want to get anyone sick, so he had to be creative about safely providing his chocolate eggs to the children.  


“What would Santa do if it were Christmas?” he wondered.  


As he sat pondering on his rock in the sunshine, along came the moose (oh here he is - finally!) who was ever so happy to see another soul!  “Why hello, Mr Easter Bunny!” he cried!


“Stand back moose!  I have a tickle in my throat!”  The Easter Bunny held out his arms to stop the moose from coming any closer.  The moose halted in his excitement about seeing another soul in the wilderness, as he was aware that the Easter Bunny wasn’t his usual cheerful self.


“What’s up?  I can tell you’re not thrilled about something - and it’s not about your tickle.  Did the egg-making go wrong?”


“Well,” started the Easter Bunny, “the thing is that because of this silly virus circulating around these days, I have to think of a clever way of getting the eggs to each child while being safe”.  


“Mm… Do you have a drone?” asked the moose.


“Sadly not.  Besides, it would surely run out of battery - I have many miles to cover!”


“Yes, good point.  What about skipping it this year?  It’s a rather funny one anyway,” said the moose, thinking this whole virus thing was a bit over the top.  He didn’t quite understand why the children weren’t allowed to play with one another.  He’d heard all about it from the crows and other birds who squawked non-stop above his head in the evenings as they returned home from the towns.  He also heard their complaints about not finding left over food anymore in the parks, let alone crumbs!  How boring for them!


The Easter Bunny sighed.  “I know it’s not like every other year, but I can’t let the children down - not even once!  They need to know I’m here and that spring is coming, that they’re loved, that there’s hope, new beginnings….”  His sad voice trailed off with a sniff.  (A sniff from crying, not the virus.  Actually, the Easter Bunny didn’t have the virus but he wasn't to be cautious just in case…)


The moose felt all the pressure the Easter Bunny was putting on himself.  He felt his own heart become heavy as he witnessed the suffering this big famous bunny was experiencing.  


All of a sudden something beautiful popped into his mind.  The moose had inspiration!


“Mr Easter Bunny!” he cried.  “With all due respect, I know how much you love to do things by yourself, but perhaps this year you could ask for help!  Think about it - you have connections to thousands of other bunnies in all the towns you want to reach.  Call out to them through your heart, and ask them for help.  Ask them to each do the job for you, in the towns where they live!  They can get the chocolate eggs, hide them, create clues, decorate - whatever you would usually do for each family.  You alone, do not have to solve this problem.  You can stay with me (it is ever so nice to have company), and from here you send messages to your bunny friends and family, and they can help!  


The Easter Bunny was astounded by the thought.  A part of him didn’t want to give up all the control he had felt over the years in doing the job all himself.  But a part of him was relieved to think that perhaps he could receive help.  Just this once?  Do it and see how it feels?  He could always return to his old ways next year…. Or not?  He admitted to himself that he was a little tired…


The moose knew the idea was a good one when he saw the relaxed face of the Easter Bunny.  His smile was wide across his face and it looked as though he were dreaming about chocolate.  Which reminded the moose of something very important.


“Oh, and about the chocolate that you might have already prepared, well….  We could always have some of that together with our friends in the bush….  It wouldn’t go to waste.”


“Yes, yes….” the Easter Bunny mindlessly agreed as he sank into the feeling of receiving support for the lonely and stressful job he set himself up for every year.


Suddenly he sprung into action: “Yes!  This is it!  You’re brilliant, Moose!  I am so glad you found me on this rock, asked what was up and golly - my friends and family are going to love hiding the eggs for the children!  They’re going to be so glad that I need their help!”


The Easter Bunny did a little dance around the rock and fell in the mud laughing!  They were both so happy and wanted to start the messaging at once.  After a cool drink of water and some deep breaths, the Easter Bunny reached out through his heart to all the bunnies he knew.  As he connected to the rock he was sitting on, he felt connected to everyone in his community.  He asked them to please be careful and quiet, to work together, wash paws a lot, and pick up the eggs with leaves!  He thought of every way he could keep the children safe from the virus, and breathed a sigh of relief, knowing his friends and family were there to help.


The moose stood proudly in the sunshine, knowing that of course he loved Easter - the best ideas always came to him during the spring.  Every animal that he knew helped each other out.  Why should the Easter Bunny have to do things alone ever again?  It was time to move on, reach out for support and work together.


So that is why Easter became even more delightful to the moose, and that is why every child woke up to a hidden Easter egg on Easter Sunday, carefully prepared by a regular bunny who lived in their community.  Did they know it wasn’t delivered by the Easter Bunny’s own hand?  Of course not.  The chocolate tasted the same.


Happy Easter everyone :)




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