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Reap the benefits of being more mindful in your relationship


Mentors: Gottman, Sue Johnson,

Ron Kurtz, Esther Perel

Connection is key.  And hard to keep up.  

Good communication, feeling close, ensuring love and sensual love making is still in the equation of a relationship - all of these are major challenges.  You aren't the only ones struggling!  Our partners bring out the best and worst of us.

By having an objective third party in the room, I can help you tease through some otherwise difficult processes.  Part of what I do with couples is facilitate more honest and open communication in a safe space, which is appreciated whatever the "truth" of the matter is. 

As a client recently realized, "saying it is far

less stressful than holding it in". 

Learn skills that you can model for your children, and heal patterns your ancestors passed on to you. 

Peace within the home creates peace on earth.

Here's a recent article on emotional intelligence and what women find attractive in a man...

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