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Creating Art


Why Art? Fair question. You're thinking "Clare, aren't you a counsellor and healing practitioner? Why put a page up about art?!"


Well, here's why:

I love creating art, it grounds me, it helps my energy flow, and sometimes it makes others happy, too. The circular graphic below the menu was art created in the presence of my son doing his own art.  We had such fun together!

"Stillness" is one of my pieces that was just in time for the Cultural Show over the first weekend in August, 2021.  You can visit the pieces and other artists' work for a year.


If you're in my town of Nelson, BC, you might see business cards and postcards with the colourful circle art I created. The profits support outdoor programs I run for homeschooled children.


I am also selling original pieces for the same cause!  Check out Diane Walter's art studio shown on video here on Facebook.

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