Registered Clinical Counsellor


Welcome!  Interesting times right now...  Please feel free to enjoy the grounding meditation on this page.  Do reach out and ask if I have space for new clients (it's always changing).   

As of September, I am back seeing people on Zoom only.

For PRENATAL clients, I am offering meditations specific to your circumstances. 

It's always a beautiful gift to provide the sense of safety and well-being to

pregnant mothers and couples; during COVID this seems even more essential.  


About Clare:

If you're looking for a therapist in Nelson, BC, or for support by phone/Zoom, I could be the person to help.  I've been practicing since 2005, when I was in my third year at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco.  My Master's degree in Integral Counselling Psychology was sandwiched between a 3-year teacher training degree in Waldorf Education,

and a 2-year certification in Intuitive Medicine (energy work).

Since then I have studied ThetaHealing among other healing modalities.

I currently work with individuals of all ages, couples, children and families.  My toolbox

includes Art Therapy (including Touch Drawing), balance board work and EMDR.



ONLINE ONLY; no physical office at this time.  Thank you for your patience...


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