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Welcome!  Interesting times right now...  Here is some new info about my services:

I am only working on encrypted video until further notice.  And yes, I can do EMDR on video! 

I am offering 30 minute grounding and clearing sessions ($60) to help anyone re-set, protect and focus.  The goal is to remind your system of how you can be empowered and strong from within.


If you feel that the grounding meditation on this page helped you,

please consider making a donation to the Nelson (BC) hospital.  Thank you.

For CHILDREN and families, I am offering a free orientation to give children an idea of what to expect when we meet online for a session.  I'll be in touch with parents about this - we can navigate this change together.  In fact, your help has never been so important for my work.  I look forward to collaborating in a whole new way, and learning from your children as well.  We are all learning!

For PRENATAL clients, I am offering meditations specific to your circumstances. 

It's always a beautiful gift to provide the sense of safety and well-being to

pregnant mothers and couples; right now this is even more essential.  


About Clare:

If you're looking for a therapist in Nelson, BC, or for support by phone/Zoom, I could be the person to help.  I've been practicing since 2005, when I was in my third year at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco.  My Master's degree was sandwiched between a 3-year teacher training degree in Waldorf Education, and a 2-year certification in Intuitive Medicine (energy work). 

I currently work with individuals of all ages, couples, children and families.  My toolbox

includes Art Therapy (including Touch Drawing), balance board work and EMDR.



203b - 466 Josephine Street @ Baker


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