Clare Hanbury

Registered Clinical Counsellor, ThetaHealing® & Intuition Medicine® Practitioner

Welcome!  I'm a Registered Clinical Counsellor in BC, and offer

energy healing and ThetaHealing® to clients locally and worldwide.

I have been a Counsellor in British Columbia since 2008 when I moved

to this beautiful country.  I've been practicing since 2005, when I was in

my third year at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San


Initially I thought I wanted to teach, so at 18 years of age, I embarked

on a three-year teacher training degree in Waldorf Education in the

UK.  Feeling I was too young to teach, I worked, travelled and very 

quickly found myself in San Francisco studying Integral Counselling.  

I was drawn to the program mainly because of the balance it provided

between the western and eastern perspectives of the mind.

Still seeking answers to many questions I had about our psyche and

our capacity to heal and evolve, I then took the two-year certification

in Intuition Medicine (energy work) in Sausalito.  Since then I have

continued my professional training and integrate many healing

modalities into my counselling practice, including EMDR.

If you are outside of BC, I offer Energy Healing only.  Please

refer to this page for more information.

I currently work with individuals of all ages.  Please refer to

"schedule a session" for more information about investing in

this journey.  I'd be happy to hear from you!



Online only


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